Verification of the borrowings in the articles

1. All the articles submitted to the journal are checked for the presence of direct borrowing in the system "anti-Plagiarism" and the expertise of the  sent texts on the Internet (through search engines). 

Texts in foreign languages are checked by the Similarity Check system and other similar tools. If the editorial staff has grounds for a more detailed examination, it involves additional tools to search for the borrowings. Articles that showed the signs of technical modifications for artificial increase of the text uniqueness, are not published in the journal.

2. Plagiarism is considered to be:

- use (literal citation) of any amount of the text without specifying the source and the corresponding bibliographic description;

- the use of images, drawings, photographs and other forms of graphical information without having indicated the source and consulted with the relevant right-holder;

Excessive quoting (although with the proper layout) are not welcomed. The acceptable amount of citation set by the edition is not more than 30% of the total volume of the article. Incorrect borrowings are excluded.

Reviews and other articles, requiring for some objective reasons a larger number of citations, are considered individually. Authors should also refrained  from excessive self-citation.