Manuscripts submitted to the journal "Kazan state University of culture and arts bulletin", undertake the process of examination, reviewing and tender in the following order:

  • Original author's scientific manuscripts elaborated in accordance with the National Standard of the Russian Federation GOST 7.1-2003 ‘System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing’ are taken for consideration, designed in accordance with the re-quirements of "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules" to the required elements of the bibliographic description. Manuscripts should comply with the requirements to the articles in the ‘Kazan state University of culture and arts bulletin’, placed on the website in the section ‘For authors’

  • Work with the manuscripts are governed by the Position about manuscripts expertise in the "Kazan state University of culture and arts bulletin".

  • Materials are recorded in the register of articles and are given an identification number.

  • If the article does not meet the requirements described in the section "For authors", authors are offered to finalize its form.

  • The article is checked for plagiarism.

  • Editorial Board of the journal conducts an expertise of the manuscript by two-way anonymous ("blind") reviewing. The reviewers are not given the information on the authors when they receive the article for reviewing (anonymously). The authors do not receive the information on reviewers.

  • For the efficiency of work the editorial staff determines the optimal reviewing time for each article (in any case not more than 3 months). For consistency of evaluation the editorial Board provides the reviewers with the standard form for reviewing. The review should include a qualified analysis of the material of the article, objective and reasoned assessment of it and clear recommendations.

  • Articles are sent to two reviewers for reviewing. Reviewers are professionals of a recognized authority and publications for the last 3 years in the field of knowledge referred to the content of a manuscript . The reviewer may be a member of the editorial Board in charge of the relevant field/discipline or a leading specialist in the other organization.

    The review has three options in terms of the analysis of the article:

    1. recommend an article for publication in its current form;

    2. recommend an article for publication after the corrections made in accordance with the reviewers’ remarks;

    3. reject an article.

    Options 2) and 3) require justification on behalf of the reviewer.

  • When receiving two positive reviews on the article, it is accepted for publication. One positive and one negative review leads to the article being sent for reviewing to a third party. If it gets the third positive review, it is accepted for publication. If two negative reviews are received on the article, the article is rejected.

  • The author of each article is able to get acquainted with text of reviewin, if it contains recommendations on correction and revision of the article, or if article is not recommended for publication. The edition sends the commentaries to the author with a proposal to consider the recommendations when preparing the new version of the article or give a reasonable refutation on them. The revised article is sent for re-reviewing. In the case of a positive conclusion of the reviewer the article is being prepared to be published in the thematic section.

  • All the articles having undergone the procedure of scientific peer review and finalised by the authors in accordance with the remarks of the reviewers, are sent for linguistic expertise to evaluate the quality of Russian and English language. If necessary, the editorial revisions are made.

  • The final decision on publication is made on the next regular editorial board meeting after the article has been reviewed and finalised.

  • The originals of the reviews are kept in editorial office for five years from the date of publication of the article. Editors are obliged to send the copies of it to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on a relevant request for the edition. The review can be provided on request of expert councils in CPA.